Buying School Uniforms

Yes, I am that mom that was running around at the last minute, looking for school uniforms... But I did manage to get them.

If you're looking, some good places to try in the City or online:

Those, of course, are department stores. There are also a number of smaller stores that specialize in school uniforms. I haven't tried any of them but I've heard from other parents that have. You might want to give these a look:

If you know of any other stores, feel free to add them in the comments.

School uniforms vary from school to school in the City. Generally, the rules involve some kind of collared shirt in white or a school color plus pants or skirts in navy or khaki. No jeans, no sweats.

I didn't think I would like relying on school uniforms but they've turned out to be great. There is no drama in the morning, no worries about what to wear, no crying because my daughter's favorite dress is in the wash or that her best friend has better jeans than she does. It's all, more or less, the same. And that's a good thing. Trust me.

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