When I was a little kid going to kindergarten, the first day of school was pretty straightforward. Boy, have things changed.

In Philadelphia, kindergarteners do not start school on the same day as the rest of the elementary school children. They start a week later. This, I knew. But it's not as simple as that.

The week before, you meet with your child's kindergarten teacher. You fill out papers and otherwise get acquainted. On that day, you find out which day your kindergartener actually starts school since those days are staggered. It's all terribly complicated even though it makes sense in the abstract.

We got the call this week for our appointment. We'll all set to go for next week. My daughter gets to meet her teacher and ask questions. She's terribly nervous about the whole process, even though she is familiar with the school since her older sister attends the same school.

As an aside, I also figured out that there's a really bizarre "wish list" that goes on with respect to teachers. Apparently, certain parents want certain teachers. Clearly understandable (we got the teacher we had hoped for). But there's a whole subculture of positioning and whatnot to get the "best" teachers. Yes, for kindergarten. Go figure.

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