School starts in a few days and we have yet to buy back to school clothes. It's been that kind of summer.

Fortunately, back to school clothes are pretty straightforward since Philadelphia public schools require uniforms. The colors vary from school to school but usually take on some variation of blue or khaki pants for boys and girls, with girls having the option of a jumper or skirt. Shirts must be collared. Most kids wear polo shirt type shirts and some schools even have "official" shirts that you can buy if you want (those usually have the logo or school name embroidered on the shirts).

I love school uniforms. I expected resistance from my oldest daughter who had been allowed to wear whatever she wanted at her private school. There was no resistance at all. In fact, I think she liked the idea of not having to make choices that early in the morning... And so did I.

This year, since my oldest hasn't grown a lot, she'll probably start out the year in her spring jumpers. She definitely needs new shirts - you can't keep a first grader clean for long.

My kindergartener-to-be needs everything. She doesn't have the first piece of her uniform. She's our fashion maven, so it will be interesting to see how she reacts to the idea that her color and wardrobe choices are restricted. My fingers are crossed.

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