And Click! Picture Day.

I hate school photo day. Is it just me?

For one, there's the whole "what is my kid going to wear?" thing. There's no consistency anymore. I was looking out over the playground on picture day and I saw everything from football jerseys to party dresses that resembled prom dresses.

And then, there's the expense. The packages for photos are incredibly expensive. I know that the H&S makes every effort to keep prices down but the cheapest package starts at $10 and rockets from there. There are surcharges for everything from retouching to "premium" background. Considering that there are a number of school children in Philadelphia who come from low income homes, you'd think that there would be more (and better) options.

But here's my biggest beef: the forms. About a week or so before picture day, the forms come home. Of course, the idea behind the forms is that you're supposed to fill them out to place an order. But here's the catch: even if you're not ordering, if you don't bring the forms back, you're not allowed to be in the class picture. Think I'm kidding? Last year, my daughter forgot her form. I thought about it too late, but then remembered that there was a retake day (which I confirmed with the school office) and didn't worry - until my daughter told me that she was forced to sit out the class picture.

I get that you need an incentive to have parents return the forms. And clearly, it's the hope of the photographers that you'll buy the photos. But to deny a student the right to sit in on the class picture for not turning in some paperwork? Ridiculous.

Of course, I guess it works. This year, I had my forms in (grumbling all the way).

But I can't be the only parent who somehow forgets the paperwork once in awhile.

And, in fact, it's not even always the parents. My daughter brought her form and her check back home this year. They took her picture but failed to keep the form. I guess we can't win for losing.

It just seems so much more complicated than I remember. But then, isn't everything?

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