I'll admit it: I am not a fan of the robo-calls.

Trent Cole of the Eagles robo-called me today to leave a message about the free eye exams offered by the School System. I'm enthusiastic about the eye exams but I'm not sure about the effectiveness of the message when calling parents during the "getting ready for school" hour.

Ditto the calls at night. While I'm trying to get the kids ready for bed, taking care of homework and getting baths, I don't need to be rushing to the phone to find out when the next Home and School meeting is going to be.

I realize that this isn't a terribly popular concept but what about email? I know that all parents don't have access to the internet at all hours (apparently less than 50% of Philadelphians have daily internet access) - but why not offer it as an option: email or calls?

And with all due respect to those who rely on the phone, what percentage of parents do you think actually sit through such lengthy messages? I would venture to say less than a handful. I think most hang-up midway through the call. How effective is that in terms of communications?

I do listen when my school principal calls with short messages. But combined with those from the district, there are simply too many calls.

More effective communication needs to be a top priority in the district. There's no question. And robo-calls are not the solution.

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