The Infamous Take-Home Folder

I'm a big fan of the take-home folder. At our school, and I assume district-wide, students take home a folder midweek. On one side, there are papers to be reviewed, usually signed, and returned. On the other side, there are papers for parents.

It's a great system, when it works.

Today, a parent complained to me that the teacher in her child's classroom had not sent home the folder in more than a month. Since it is a weekly occurrence in both classrooms for my girls, I found this a bit surprising. I would think that a parent would have asked the teacher at some point, but I guess that didn't happen.

What that did drive home for me, though, was how much I rely on those weekly folders. While I do subscribe to school and district email (but not the robo-calls), the folders do a better job of keeping me up to date about what's happening this week. It helps us stay a bit organized. And it helps avoid episodes like today when other parents were under the misimpression that it was an early dismissal - an older calendar had never been replaced in some classrooms.

I'm sure the district spends millions of dollars trying to improve its communications with parents. And I do love email and web updates - they're quick and convenient.

But a take-home folder? Brilliant in its simplicity.

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