It's a Week Off!

Okay, I'll be totally honest: I thought this week was going to suck. A couple of days off from school can be fun but two weeks? I was sure that the kids would implode from boredom.

And here's the weird thing: they didn't.

It's actually been a great break so far. Rather than plan days and days of nonstop activities (our regular plan), we've scheduled our fun in small doses. We've taken a few trips into Center City and stopped by the arboretum. But other than that? It's been home with friends and family - and even some snowball fights with the neighbors. We've played some games, read some books and yes, even watched some TV (I can admit it).

I've learned something from all of this. Kids don't need to be "on" all of the time. A little down time is a good thing. And it's possible (gasp) that this means that my kids will be well rested come next week and ready for school.

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