There's Music in the Air!

I've been so busy that I forgot to mention how excited I was about my kids' holiday concert! In a word: awesome.

Our school cannot afford a full time art teacher but has managed to hire a full time music teacher. I can't stress enough how wonderful I think this is.

My kids love music. Heck, I think all kids love music. And every school should have a music program.

Music reaches across cultures. It reaches across races and economics and religions. My daughter, who is not Jewish, knows more about Hanukkah than I do - because of music. She has now performed two Hanukkah songs in concert. She has also learned songs about Kwanzaa, as well as Christmas (no Eid songs, but then she already knows about Eid from family).

The thing that struck me most about the concert, though, wasn't the variety of songs - or even the level of performance (which was terrific). It was that every kid on that stage, no matter what age, seemed to be really, really enjoying what they were doing. There was such joy, such excitement, from all of the kids. It was really inspiring.

My good friend who came along, who doesn't have kids, dabbed at her eyes and said to me, "Okay, now I'm seriously going to cry."

Me too. It was that wonderful.

Let's do everything that we can to keep arts and music in our schools.

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