Catchment Maps Available Online

Thanks so much to Kristin Luebbert for letting me know that catchment maps are now available online. For those of us who have been fighting for quite some time to make this information available online, this is a *huge* step forward. Years ago, to figure out your neighborhood school, you'd have to physically go to the office of the closest school to find out whether you were in the magic zone or not. So, this is great news from the SDP. Thanks again, Kristin!

To find out your school's catchment area, go to the SDP website and check out the sidebar. You'll see "School Lookup" on your right hand side. You can enter a school's name or zip code (you can also look up by location # but who in the world knows that?) and then click on the school's link. At the bottom left, there is a box with a link to "Boundary Map" - click on that and the catchment map will download as a pdf.

I know... having a search box that allows you to just plug in your address is apparently too much to ask. But this will do in the meantime!

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  1. Thanks for sharing.You wouldnt say how some websites are helpful source of informations like this one.Thanks