Painting Parents With a Broad (Offensive) Brush

At the risk of giving this guy any more press, I am posting the link to this article:

Poll concludes 40% of Philadelphia parents are idiots.

Yeah, keep reading. It gets better. Read this little snippet:

Public schools are one of the longest scams running. They are shameful places where people nearly commit child abuse by having the State raise their kids. Look at the amount of people who have rated private schools at 74% complete satisfaction. Parents who send their kids to private school actually give a damn about their kids' educations. They sacrifice a luxury car or a beach house in Wildwood so their kids can grow up to be contributing members of society.

So, let's be clear about what I'm supposed to get out of this piece. Apparently, when I sent my daughter to private school - where she didn't have any opportunities to socialize outside of school with her peers - I cared about her. When I made the switch to public school - where my daughter is thriving and happy - I stopped caring about her. I see.

(*takes deep breath*)

Here's where I call bullsh*t. Mr. Proctor can choose to interpret the findings of this poll however he wants. I will tell you, however, that I was one of those parents who said that I was very satisfied with our public school choice. I am also willing to bet that more than 40% of the parents at my school voted similarly.

As for the supposed "lack of morality" in Philly schools? That's just offensive. My girls are good girls. Their teachers are remarkable, caring individuals. At our public school, there is no laundry list of "murders, assaults and rapes" that Mr. Proctor wants to convince you is the norm.

I understand that there are problems in the Philly public schools. Just down the road from our school is a school that consistently makes the list of "most dangerous" schools in the City. But that's not my school. And, unlike Mr. Proctor, I am not willing to accept that to be the inevitable result of my choice.

Not a week goes by - even during the summer - when I am not meeting with other parents or school officials, writing for grants, drumming up publicity and press for our school or helping to plan special events. And I am not alone.

That's not giving up responsibility. That's taking responsibility. It *is* clearly part of the solution. Mr. Proctor, on the other hand, and those that share his woefully pessimistic and damaging attitude towards public schools are a huge part of problem.

(Public Ed Mom's note: After reading the original post at The Examiner, my immediate reaction was anger. Then I read Mr. Proctor's bio and it all made sense: his whole schtick is to stir up controversy. I get that he wrote this piece hoping for just this kind of reaction - I'm sure that it adds fodder to his next set of rants. I almost didn't post my response because I didn't want to add fuel to this ridiculous fire. In the end, however, I felt compelled to share the other side; this will be the last time that I mention it on this site.)

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  1. Although I believe Mr. Proctor generalized in his comments. There is no doubt that a moral vacuum exists in public schools. I live in a fairly nice area and I know many parents who have passed on the horror stories of what's going on on the playgrounds, in the bathrooms, after school, etc. The schools are mostly handcuffed. Conversely, at our Christian school, a boy had two reported instances of bullying, and was gone the next day. No questions asked. Just a school director keeping the distractions out, so the kids can learn.

    I think the biggest problem for public schools is that the liberal agenda is the guiding mechanism...thanks to the NEA. It's poison to our society. Whether you'll admit it or not, un-proven theories such as global warming (which recently has been shown to be a farce of epic proportions), The Big Bang, our founders as horrible people and slave traders, coupled with the total absence of economics and capitalism education, have began to have a HUGE impact on America...and a negative one, at that.

    Why is it that many of the public school parents I know have bought into this agenda? Why is it that most of the parents I know who have their children at Christian schools are aware of and in opposition to this agenda?

    It points to a SERIOUS secular politicization of the public school system. It's that simple.