School Starts Soon

School starts soon... are you ready? I promise I'll be back to a regular post schedule come next week!



There was an article in this month's Family Circle magazine about the rise of cyber and other bullying. I'm very fortunate in that I haven't had to deal with bullies at my kids' public school. I will say, however, that we did have to deal with it at another school and it was both troubling and frustrating.

The problem with bullying, as I see it, is that many parents condone it. I'm not saying that parents are deliberately mean. I just think that many parents believe that mere "teasing" is a part of being a kid. When the behavior crosses the line, I think parents either don't see the transition or don't believe that it's a real problem. The latter was the issue in our case.

When the bullying started in our case, the behavior was considered by the parent to be part of growing up. The excuse was that everyone the kid saw did it so there was nothing that could be done until he got older - kind of the "he'll grow out of it" theory. That logic completely escapes me.

Since the parents refused to do anything about it, the entire burden of dealing with the child fell to the teachers. Eventually, the behavior stopped but not without a lot of grief in the meantime. Sadly, we all too often today have to lean on teachers - in both private and public schools - to be everything to all children when their parents won't step in and do the right thing.

In Philly, the public schools do have a bullying policy. On August 18, 2010, Superintendent Ackerman sent a letter about bullying outlining the SDP's position on on the matter. Here's the official word from the SDP web site on bullying.

PREP Program Introductory Meeting

On Thursday, August 26th at 5:00 pm, the Title I Parents Are 'R' Equal Partners (PREP) Program will hold an introductory meeting at 440 North Broad Street in Room 1080. The topics will be An Introduction to FamilyNet and Title I. Come out and meet other parents/caregivers who are partnering with their child's school to improve academic achievement for ALL students. Each school should send at least one parent representative. All parents (from District schools) are welcome to attend!

Please call 215-400-6443 to register or get additional information. Food will be served....feel free to share this information.