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It's been a busy year at school. Our school has seen a number of changes, some for the better, some not. One change that I was excited about was the addition of a foreign language teacher; my daughter's private school started Spanish in pre-K and it was disappointing to see that there would be no language "prep" at our public school. Until this year.

I was thrilled to hear that we would be offering foreign language to our kids. My kids are also pretty excited; they were practicing with their friends on the playground in the first week.

What was surprising, however, was how the parents reacted. I was genuinely taken aback to hear so many parents complaining about the new course. They felt that it was "too much" for the kids who were "too young" to have to take a foreign language. Parents also thought the homework (largely, from what I could tell, coloring) was unnecessary.

The first week that I heard it, I assumed it was merely the fear of something new. But as time has passed, the objections to the foreign language class have continued. I remain perplexed by this.

One of the limitations of the public school system as compared to the private schools in our area has always been, to me, the lack of "extras" when it came to curriculum. As the schools try to ramp up the extras, the complaints escalate. I realize the importance of reading and writing but our kids are doing those things well. Why not add languages, arts and music? Why would you object to that? I can't make sense of it.

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