Off and On

Sorry for the off and on nature of the blog... It has been quite an exciting and eventful couple of months for my family (that's good, right?). I'm hoping to get back into my regular blogging mode over the holiday break. Keep reading and thanks for your support!

SDP Blog Launches

The SDP has started a blog called A Broad View. The blog officially kicked off on December 17, 2010, with this statement:

Welcome to the OFFICIAL blog of The School District of Philadelphia! Here, we will inform you on some of the happenings and developments within the District and the Philadelphia community on a regular basis. This page will be updated regularly with Announcements, News, Information, Resources and most of all, we will ALL share our "Broad View." We will also discuss and reflect upon matters directly related to our students, parents, educators, administrators, community stakeholders and our city.

Check it out!