Bomb Threat at SDP

An email from H&S earlier today:

Late Saturday evening, The School District of Philadelphia's webmaster received a highly unusual threatening email that targeted the life and safety of schools Superintendent Dr. Arlene C. Ackerman and staff at 440 N. Broad Street on Monday at midday. The email addressed to Dr. Ackerman was immediately provided to the District's head of safety, Chief Myron Patterson, and the Philadelphia Police Department, where a full investigation is being conducted.

PPD officers and detectives, including a bomb dog, conducted a perimeter and internal search of 440 N. Broad early Sunday morning and found no evidence of an explosive device. Officers will resume the search prior to the building opening tomorrow. Additional safety measures were also put in place for Superintendent Ackerman.

District personnel are reminded to remain vigilant at work at all times, but especially tomorrow. If employees see anything that may seem unusual, they should notify law enforcement immediately. Employees who have additional concerns should contact their supervisor for more information. A safety support team will be
provided on Monday.


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    "Neighborhood Schools Event Thursday May 5th 5:45 p.m. at 4700 Locust in the Lea Elementary Auditorium. This will be an evening of positive, productive discussions on how the community can support its neighborhood schools.

    Jacqueline Edelberg, author of How to Walk to School: Blueprint for a Neighborhood School Renaissance, is the featured speaker and will discuss how she and the principal of the Nettlehorst School in Chicago changed the trajectory of an underperforming school utilizing community volunteers, parents and neighborhood partnerships. Her co-author (the principal), Susan Kurland, will also be in attendance.

    There will be a panel discussion featuring Stanford Thomspon, the director of Tune Up Philly, Sterling Baltimore, the director of the Lea Community School (afterschool program), Maurice D. Jones Sr., Lea Elementary Home and School Association President and Dr. Daniel Lazar, Greenfield Elementary Principal.

    A reception/networking session will follow for prospective parents and interested community members to connect with Home and School Representatives, current district parents and community groups and learn about current neighborhood school projects.

    There will also be a performance by the Lea Elementary gLea club.

    How to Walk to School books will be available for sale through Bindlestiff Books.

    Hosted by the Enterprise Center CDC and the Parents In Action Council.

    Sponsored by the West Philly Coalition for Neighborhood Schools."

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